“Ira-Achi?” And its Excitement

“Ira Achi?” the intricate spirit of oneness and unison irrespective of family differences or backgrounds that we come from. The exciting part of the “ira Achi?” as a sign language of any Ohafia man is a clear identification of what we are, who we are, and where we come from. The flesh and blood of ohafia culture are on our language. Our dialect is a true symbolism of who we are, a bond that ties us together.

Furthermore, it is difficult to encourage any society without a language which is the bases for human progress. We get co-operation of other people by using the language which expresses our feelings, thoughts, and passions. It is not only a friendship, economic relationships, and cultural ties. Moreover, our language distinguishes the differences and also celebrates the uniqueness of our culture in a community. A rescue factor to who we are and a true identity mostly outside and beyond our locality.

However, “Ira Achi?” as expressed gives the parties involved a new vision by providing him a set of rules for the cooperation of the individuals. He thinks not only of his own self but also of the others. Culture demands we see ourselves as part of the larger whole, it provides us with the concept of family and makes responsible the cooperation.

The Ohafia people and the “Ira Achi?” concept is the design and prescription for guiding values and ideals. It regulates our behaviors and checks upon irrational conducts such as TRUE  NWANNIM that shares a similar and a common bowel of blood. It not only deprives but also conditions and determines who we are.

Hence, “Ira Achi?” being a major condiment used in the preparation of festive soup (ofo omume), Ohafia delicacy.  A pungent seasoning that enhances the taste of the soup. The latter part of the “Achi” remains that our people, that eat from the bowel prepared with the seasoning seem not to speak the dialect that came out in return. Neither do the display of true identity of who we really are. The “ira Achi?” and its excitement connotes Unity, Love, cooperation, and friendship altruism for a true Ohafia man or woman.


Fijo, N.A

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